Thank you to my sponsors

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Thank you very much to all of my sponsors, this would not be possible without you.  I am overwhelmed at all the love and support that I have received. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to each and every one of you.  This is truly remarkable and I am honored to receive all the kind remarks.  It is amazing to see the willingness of so many people who want to help make a difference in our world, it’s incredibly inspiring and uplifting.  Bless each and every one of you, and again thank you so much for your donation to help fund my medical aid trip to Tanzania, it means the world.



For sponsors individual thankyous please click on the sponsors name in the list below:

  1. Belmont Terrace
  2. Carl & Monica Przybylek
  3. Carolyn Woodmansee
  4. Cody Allen & Chloe Howe
  5. Dr. Phillips DDS & the Silverdale Dental Center
  6. EWU Beta Theta Pi
  7. Frank and Georgiana Przybylek
  8. Jason Hippe
  9. Joe & Sue Gavinski
  10. Joe and Diane Przybylek
  11. John & Susan Davenport
  12. John Wesley Johnson
  13. Kerry Murray
  14. Kevin Ruth
  15. Lorrie Bennett
  16. Marion & Loretta Sluys
  17. Mr. & Mrs. Devine
  18. Mr. & Mrs. Quade
  19. Ron Canfield
  20. The Nicks Family
  21. The Record Family
  22. The Weedin Family
  23. The Weidenheimer Family
  24. Triangle Import Repair
  25. WSU Beta Theta Pi
  26. Yoshi and Elise Smith
  27. ZOI Directory
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