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Two words

There are two words you never want to hear from your guide when you’re parked in the middle of the Serengeti during Lion feeding time… “Uh Oh”!!!!! Luckily tour guide had a sense of humor and we weren’t in any real danger! We spent 4 days on Safari visiting Maasai tribes to give them health care assessments and I have to say they have the most interesting and fascinating life style!

They really know how to “live green” they live in huts made up of mud, sticks and anything else they can find, they don’t have electricity or running water and they are nomads, constantly moving across the plains trying to keep up with migrating herds. Their diet is primarily a mixture of cows blood and milk. They worship cows so they don’t kill it to get the blood, they put a little plug-like thing in their neck and just drain a little when they need it. Hunting lions is a right of passage for the boys…. I would be a little scared to go up against a lion! A man has multiple wives and it is really interesting how he accumulates them. The first wife is arranged by the elders, the second wife is chosen by the first wife and so on. At some point he gets to chose one for himself, each wife gets a house for themselves and their children and the man just rotates through all of his houses. They also practice both male and female circumcision, the men get circumcised at 16 and they women at 14. They way they live was pretty amazing, I’m so fortunate to have been able to spend time in their villages and talk to them.

Those who know me know that monkeys are my favorite animal… and they still are! They are the funniest creatures I have ever seen! They broke into a friend of mines room and took everything out of her bag and tossed it all about the room. They also threw her personal items out the window… they are so smart, it was pretty hilarious!! They had some fun breaking into our trucks as well and let me tell you, you will never laugh as hard as we did unless you see three very large men chasing one little monkey trying to get it out of a truck!! Good times we have had indeed. It is going to be hard to say good bye to these people I have grown so close with over these past few weeks.

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