I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. It’s been tough getting used to the altitude here coming from Washington and right above the water to up a mountain! Plus I think I caught a travelers bug, not good 😦 I promise that I am in good hands, remember (mom) that I am part of a team of 20 medical providers and brought with us a pharmacy. I am in extremely qualified and safe hands! I missed out on church today because I was just so exhausted that I needed rest, and lots of water!! However, i am on the mend and will be perfectly find by tomorrow!

I forgot to mention my critter story. We had a little visitor come to hang out in our room the other night. Those who know me know that I am not a fan of creepy crawlies of any sort. Well…. we had a gecko come and want to have a slumber party the other night. I don’t think anyone has jumped off a top bunk as fast as I did and run out into the common room screaming!! Alex and Ben went to go get the little bugger outside and away from my pillow and I really wished someone (not me I don’t want to be that close) would have video taped it. At one point we see the little guy scamper across the hall with Ben and Alex crawling after it! eventually we got a Frisbee on top of it and it was released back into the wild! Then mama Carrie had a run in with a cockroach in the bathroom. It ran across her foot!! How creepy!

Then there is all the bugs and rabid bats! Last night Karli and I were outside writing in our journals when a swarm of like 6 bats came swooping down trying to decapitate us!!! I have had lots of luck when it comes to the bugs, I haven’t gotten bit once, unlike Karli who has a few bites. They like her a lot haha!!

It’s time for coffee now so I am off!


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