I’m here

Hello, I am here!! It was quite exciting on our way over. I arrived at my team members house on time for the van that was picking us up at 9:00 sharp. They ended up showing up at 9:40!!! Not good for when you are taking an international flight. We had to make a detour on our way since a machine we were bringing stopped working for some unknown reason, then our driver runs a red light and we see our lives flash before our eyes before we even leave Bremerton!

Finally we make it to the airport and with roadside check in, we skipped the long lines and went straight through security no problems! Walked right onto the plane and then pulled out of the terminal. Out on the run way I am starting to see that our luck turned around for the better… until the captain makes an announcement that we had to turn around, a passenger was having an anxiety attack and they had to get off the plane! So an hour later we finally departed from SeaTac and were on our way to Amsterdam! On the flight we each Had our personal TVs, how awesome is that! I finally got to catch up on all the movies I’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t had the time, like Taken. Which was probably not the best movie to watch when on the way to a foreign country, but it was good all the same. We were only in Amsterdam for about 30 min when we boarded our next flight and were on the way with no problems. I pretty much slept the entire second plane trip and missed seeing the pyramids when we flew over Egypt ūüė¶

After getting into Tanzania, we exit the plane and walk onto the tar mat and the first thing that I noticed was how sweet the air smelled. It was unlike anything I ever smelled before and it was so amazing. On our bus ride to the¬†compund I was surprised to see how many people were sitting out on the road and walking in the pitch black, it was quite peculiar to me but of course very normal here. We had a late dinner when we arrived which was actually quite good. The fruit here is to¬†die for! It’s so juicy and delicious, i will never taste fruit the same!

After a very rude awakening from the African alarm clock… a very obnoxious rooster, ¬†we spent the day getting the clinic set up for patients who are expected to¬†start arriving tomorrow. I was impressed¬†at how quick we got everything done.¬†Before lunch we had everything unpacked and then at about 3¬†pm everything was all organized and looking great!

We participated in a long standing ritual and had coffee with the elders, let me tell you the coffee was soooo good!¬† I found it interesting how the men all sat on benches¬†surrounding a tree while the woman sat¬†up on the hill¬†and waited for them to be done so they could receive coffee. Then we went on a walk to the Sluys Anderson Primary School. The colors here are amazing and¬†unforgettable. Everything is so vibrant and exotic. We made some new friends with the children and played Frisbee with them… I am¬†terrible at it and they giggled at me a few times!

we are getting ready for dinner and there is a few people waiting to send e-mails home, so this is it for now. I will write more again as soon as I have the chance!



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