Jason B. Gavinski

There is one person who was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal, and that person is Jason B. Gavinksi. He has put in countless hours of time and energy working hard to make this trip a reality, and I am forever in his debt.

Jason graduated from Moses Lake High School and went on to graduate with honors from Eastern Washington University, majoring in Business Administration-Finance and General Management, with a minor in Economics. He then studied at Washington State University, where he graduated with his Masters in Business Administration.

Jason continues to achieve excellence and is an amazing person inside and out. He has a strong work ethic and his determination to help make a difference in the world shines through his outgoing and professional personality. I am convinced that there is no task to great for him to accomplish and he is the person you want on your team to achieve success. He is destined for great things in his life and will succeed in any endeavor he chooses to take on.

Thank you Jason for all of your help in making this trip happen. I am so grateful for all you have done and truly and speechless for what you have accomplished. I cannot thank you enough, I am blessed to have your support.

All the very best,




Thank you so very much for all the wonderful people who have donated towards my upcoming trip. I am extremely pleased to announce that I have reached my goal and it is thanks to all of you! I am overwhelmed with all the love and support I have recieved, it is truly touching. I thank you again from the very bottom of my heart, I am so grateful for each and every one of you!

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Just a reminder

Just as a reminder, if you would like to donate and haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, The deadline is next week, Wednesday April 22, 2009!  Thanks so much to all.

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So close

Today I was given an amazing surprise, Belmont Terrace donated an amazing contribution that puts me at less than $500 to raise! It is soooo close now and I am so grateful to all of those who have supported me and have donated to help make this trip happen! Thank you all so very much!!!

***Only 32 more days***

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City Council

I just got home from a City Council meeting in Poulsbo and had an absolutely wonderful time.  Thank you so much to Mayor Quade for inviting me and letting me speak about my trip.  I am very excited because this meeting introduced two more sponsors and now I am sitting at just under $1000 left to raise!!!   Thank you so much city of Poulsbo for your undying support!


I am ecstatic to announce that Buy-A-Beta was  HUGE success last night!!! It was definitely one of the most entertaining and exciting fundraisers I have ever had the privilege of attending! The total amount raised was….drum roll… $1500!!!Thank you so much to all of the amazing men of Beta Theta Pi for working so hard to make this event such a success! A very special thank you again to Nick Downie, Matt Cunningham and Jason Gavinski for their significant participation and hard work in making this fundraiser a reality! I am so grateful to all of you, BETAS ROCK!!! And of course… GO COUGS!