I am extremely excited to announce that the fine men of Beta Theta Pi at Washington State University will be holding their annual Buy-A-Beta fundraiser and have dedicated the proceeds to IEO and my upcoming trip. The event will be held at the Beta Theta Pi house on Thursday April 2, 2009. This event promises to be both exciting and entertaining! Just a little preview of the dates: rock climbing, air plane rides, guitar lessons, 4 hours of cleaning and chores and much much more!!! I am also pleased to announce that Rockstar and the ZOI directory will be sponsoring the event at WSU and a gift basket provided by Victoria’s Secret will be available as part of the auction! A very special thank you to Jason Gavinski, Nick Downie and Matt Cunningham for making this fundraiser possible. All of them have been working very hard to make this fundraiser the most exciting event you will attend all year! This is something you won’t want to miss! Hope to see you all there!


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